Meet the Planet Dog Company Store Team

Meet our Planet Dog Store Team

The Planet Dog Store is located in Portland, Maine. Meet our knowledgeable and helpful staff who are there every day helping pet owners find exactly what they need.

Planet Dog's Store Team

  • Kristin Michelle Burgess - Planet Dog Store Manager

    If you find your way into our Company Store on Marginal Way in Portland chances are you will be greeted by a cheerful 'hello!' as you come in and by a sweet yellow lab by the name of Sam. Sam and Kristin have been proud members of the Planet Dog Store Team for over 5 years. At work they delight in helping customers find the very best fit for their dogs needs whether it be diet or play related. Kristin lives in the Portland area and visits East End Beach with Sam on the regular! Kristin is an avid runner she loves to participate in local races and often goes hiking and trail running utilizing Portland Trails. Kristin has a deep fascination and passion for diet and health (both human and pet).

  • Piner Markovchick - Assistant Manager

    Piner's energy is completely in tune with our loved canines and the relationships we have with them. Whether it is allowing his dog Rolo to show him how wonderful Portland is or the two of them explore the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Piner's day is not complete without an opportunity to woof it up with our best friends. Piner is thrilled to have the opportunity to talk about all things dog and what we can provide them so they can continue to show their unconditional love for us!

  • Kendra McNally - Pack Leader

    Kendra has always loved animals and is happy that she now gets to work in an environment that celebrates dogs. She enjoys being able to help customers find the perfect food, treat or toy for their pup. Kendra does not have an animal of her own at this moment but she grew up with a dog and many cats and is looking forward to the day when she has one of her own. In the meantime, she love getting the change to say hello to all the dogs that visit the Store each day.

  • Michelle Joselyn Lampron - Head Groomer

    Michelle has a BS in Animal Science from University of Vermont and has been grooming for 14 years. 10 of those years have been with Planet Dog. She is the mom to 2 crazy kiddos, Noah (10 yrs) and Josh (7 yrs). Michelle says she loves grooming because she gets to make all the pups feel healthy and happy. And, she thinks it is fun to watch them leave the shop with an extra energetic wag because they feel so good!

  • Kaity Gatchell - Grooming Assistant

    Kaity has two beloved pups, a yorkiepoo (Padfoot) and a wheaten (Harley). She considers herself lucky that she spends her week grooming and taking care of even more dogs. When she isn't grooming or snuggling her own furballs, she loves to read. Kaity has a B.S. in biology from the University of Southern Maine and has lived in Portland for nearly 25 years.

  • Kristen Soper -Grooming Assistant

    Kristen has over 10 years of animal and retail experience. Not just with dogs, but cats, small animals, birds, reptiles and fish. She also has an associates degree in horticulture. Kristen loves plants and animals. She has been an employee of Planet Dog for six years and loves it. She loves that she gets to work with dogs every day and gets to teach people the proper ways to maintain their pets and keep them healthy. She has always grown up with pets and currently has a cat (Batman)  and two Boxers (Nico and Yogi).

  • Heather Wetzel - Groomer

    Since she can remember, Heather's favorite animal has always been the dog. She started volunteering for a local grooming salon at 14 years old. Right out of high school she attended a school for professional pet grooming and earned a certificate. Since then she has worked in numerous environments that offer grooming including pet daycares, mobile grooming units, and retail stores. Heather has been with Planet Dog for a little over three years, but has been grooming for a total of 13 years. She thinks nothing is more rewarding than knowing she helps dogs feel their best inside and out.

  • Cody Poland - Pack Assistant

    Cody recently graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in electrical engineering. During the final two years of his schooling he got a job working at a local dog kennel. During this time he discovered that his true passion was working with animals. He as always had a dog in the house growing up and currently has tow golden retrievers named Molly and Maggie. While he is unsure of what the future holds he know one thing for sure, it will always include a dog.

  • Mary Smith - Sales Associate

    Mary is an avid animal lover who just recently moved to Portland from North Conway, NH. While she currently doesn’t have any animals of her own here in Maine, she grew up with both dogs and cats and frequently visits her feline companions, Lux, Bili Boy, and Kili at her parent’s home in New Hampshire. She has a B.A. in Sociology from Colby-Sawyer College and experience working as a Homeless Outreach Worker. Due to her background, she really loves working for Planet Dog and appreciates how active the company is in the local community. Mary loves the environment that she works in and looks forward to being greeted by an array of dogs every day. She looks forward to adopting both a dog and a cat in the near future.

  • Vanessa Bean - Sales Associate

    Vanessa is a Texas Girl loving Maine. She has her Bachelors in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing from the University of Texas, San Antonio; her Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of the Incarnate Word, and she is currently pursuing her Juris Doctor at the University of Maine School of Law. Vanessa’s real joy comes from her pup, Dixie Von Bean. She refers to her dog as her Fur-Child and will talk for days about all things dog. Dixie is a 4 year old rescue from Texas, her breed is non-conformist (true mutt).

  • Gabby Capozzi - Pack Leader

    Gabby was born and raised in Saco, ME and is currently attending USM, graduating soon with a degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies. She has always loved dogs of every breed and is excited to chat with anyone about their furry best friends. Going from owning a Great Dane mix to her current 5 year old Pug named Otis, Gabby has had personal experience with two dogs who have had different needs and is happy to help anyone who may need help finding the right toy, food or treats for their canine companion. Gabby can be found outside of the store trying to get her lazy pug to go on walks and making meals in the kitchen they can both enjoy. She is thrilled to be apart of such a wonderful company and can't wait to greet you and your furry best friend with a big smile and a pocket full of treats!

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